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It’s November right now, but are we willing to admit that Titanfall 2 is the best game of the year? The video game was released on October 28 and it has received good reviews but there’s still a couple more releases coming this November as well as this December. Final Fantasy 15, Pokemon Sun and Moon and Assassin’s Creed: Enzio Collection are just some of the titles that are awaiting release for the month of November. But of the video games that have been released up to this point, can we consider Titanfall 2 as the best? To answer that question, we need to look into its many features.

What Makes Titanfall 2 a Great Game?

  • It is played in single-player mode. Unlike its predecessor, which was released in 2014 and was available in an online multiplayer environment, this latest release by Respawn Entertainment features a single-player story campaign. Like the previous installment, you still get a pilot with a gun as well as a robot (the so-named Titans) as a sidekick. However, there are a few differences.
  • It takes multiplayer functionality into a single-player atmosphere. How did Respawn implement this in the narrative? First, the pilot and the Titan don’t spend the entire storyline together. Essentially, you go fight battles alone and sometimes, you fight battles with your Titan. Second, the team developed an environment that allows your pilot to move acrobatically. The pilot, called Jack Cooper, has parkour abilities and he can use those to find solutions for an environmental puzzle or access areas that had been inaccessible earlier.
  • It is still a multiplayer game. Respawn may have added a campaign story for single players, but the game is still very much a multiplayer video game. Players can use different methods in order to complete objectives. One, they could make use of stealth or choose to use a weapon against enemies.

There are other interesting features in Titanfall 2 including an improved skill system where a player is rated based on how they performed during a multiplayer setting, whether it was a win or a loss. Titanfall 2’s improved matchmaking now allows the game to select a new match for players at the end of a match.

For all the great things that can be done on Titanfall 2, much of it feels like an experiment. And just like any other experiments, there are some that hit the mark and some that don’t. The plot also feels like a combination of several ideas from different genres brought together in one place. Then again, it’s all good fun.

Titanfall 2 is one of the best first-person shooter games to come out in a while. This game gives players a lot of things to do. Those who have played Mirror’s Edge will be familiar with this game and even enjoy it, particularly those who are looking for similar games like it. But the answer to the question in the title is not quite, but it’s really close.