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Nintendo fans have something to look forward to this Black Friday: an amazing deal on the New 3DS that will bring its price down to $99!

This is the lowest ever price for the handheld video game controller, which usually comes in a bundle with the Super Mario 3D Land game and retails at $150. It’s important to note that this Black Friday offer is only for the regular-sized model — not the New 3DS XL, which is usually sold at $200 — and that the device will not come with a pack-in game.

There would be two variants to choose from: a black unit and a white one. Both of them have a subtle and attractive Mushroom Kingdom print on the case, featuring well-loved characters like Mario and Luigi along with Boos, Toads, Goombas, and Super Stars.

Nintendo has confirmed that many major retailers across the U.S. will receive the budget-friendly New 3DS in time for the Black Friday rush. So, those who are planning to go shopping on November 25 can expect to see the handheld controller on the shelves of their favorite retailers. Nintendo hasn’t announced any end-date to this $99 promo price, so it’s safe to assume that it will be in place until supplies last. But this doesn’t mean that shoppers can be complacent; these discounted units are expected to fly off the shelves, so those who are interested should buy one ASAP to avoid disappointment.

What Is the New 3DS?

The New 3DS is the latest version of the Nintendo 3DS that has gained lots of fans over the years. It stands out from its older cousins because of its front-facing camera, which tracks the user’s head and automatically adjusts to meet the angle of your focus. This means that you get to enjoy the 3D effect regardless of your position — something that was impossible with the older 3DS models, which required to you to keep your head and eyes in a certain “sweet spot” to properly view the 3D display.

Should You Grab This Deal?

If you’ve planning to buy a Nintendo 3DS this holiday season, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this Black Friday deal. You might miss out on the Super Mario 3D Land game that come with the bundled pack, but the upside of this is that you’ll get to save $50 and enjoy the limited-edition Super Mario-themed casing.

One of the best things about this Black Friday offer is that it comes just in time for the Pokémon Sun and Moon release. This much-awaited game will be launched in November 18 — just a few days before the $99 New 3DS is made available. Super Mario Maker will also be released on December 2 so, if you have the New 3DS by then, you can buy the game and play it on your new handheld device.

The $99 New 3DS deal is also ideal for you if you’re searching for gifts for your kids, nieces, and/or nephews. By taking advantage of the lower prices, you’ll get to save a substantial amount of money while bringing a smile to your loved ones’ faces.