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Developed for the Nintendo 3DS platform, Pokemon Sun and Moon are the next releases in the popular franchise. Players can import their first-generation Pokemon from Virtual Console versions of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow into Sun and Moon. The two games are also designed to run on the 3DS system but are also compatible with 2DS. The games will be released across the world on November 18 while Europe will get theirs on the 23rd. Days before its release date, what do we know about Pokemon Sun and Moon?

It will feature new Pokemon

Generation 7 Pokemon will be introduced in these games. A number of Pokemon have been identified in several official releases as well as leaks. Among the Pokemon that will feature in the games include:

  • Bewear – a Strong Arm Pokemon with Fluffy or Klutz ability.
  • Charjabung – a Battery Pokemon.
  • Grubbin – a Larva Pokemon with Swarm ability.
  • Mimikyu – a Disguise Pokemon.
  • Wimpod – a Turn Tail Pokemon with Wimp Out ability.

Those are just five of the many that have been reportedly spotted in the leaks and releases.

It will feature a couple of gameplay changes

Your player will look much more realistic and the Pokemon will be shown to scale when involved in battle. Camera angles will be a lot closer as well as a lot more dynamic and they follow your player anywhere.

The battles have also received an update. In the bottom screen will be featured 2D icons of the Pokemon that are taking part in the battle. The icons will indicate the status of the Pokemon in battle. You can get more statistics such as Attack and Speed when you click on the icons.

You have improved options when it comes to customizing your player. For one, you can choose from different skin tones. You can also pick a hair color for your player.

It features a Battle Royal mode

Battle Royal is essentially a multiplayer mode where four different players can compete in one battle. A player can pick three Pokemon to send out at any one time. The battle is declared finished when a player doesn’t have any Pokemon left. A point-based system decides the winner.

It features a QR scanner

With this, you can scan QR codes in order to register your Pokemon in your Pokedex. You can also use this feature to receive Pokemon in the game. According to sources, this is how the Magearna Pokemon will be collected.

It will feature three starter Pokemon

On May 10, it was revealed that the different Starter Pokemon are:

  • Litten – a Fire Pokemon
  • Popplio – a Water Pokemon
  • Rowlet – a Grass and Flying Pokemon

Starter POkemons are almost always Fire, Grass and Water types. This is done so each can have strengths and weaknesses against each other.

It will feature Legendaries

There are only three legendary Pokemon for this game so far, and those include Lunala, Magearna and Solgaleo.

These games will be set in Alola, a tropical region. Apart from these features, a number of exclusives will also be available for Pokemon Sun and Moon like Ultra Beasts.