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The latest Pokemon Go update released by Niantic took place during Halloween, and the update included a bunch of Halloween themed features. The new update brought back to the game old players making the game reach the number one spot in the most played section. Niantic has noticed the effects these updates have on their game and now they are set to release another one, the Thanksgiving event.

Launch Date

As its name implies the Thanksgiving event its going to take be launched during or after Thanksgiving. For non U.S. residents, that means the update is going to roll out on November 24th. We are sure that Niantic is going to release the update considering how big the amount of revenue the Halloween themed update has brought them.

Buddy System

Rumors are pointing out that the Pokemon Go Buddy system is going to be changed, at least during the time the event takes place. The same way they changed the Buddy System during the Halloween update.

New Pokemon Spawns

What truly made the Halloween update special was the addition of new spooky Pokemon spawns. Niantic is going to go the similar route and add new Pokemon spawns that resemble turkeys. We should expect feathered Pokemon to appear like PsyDuck, Spearow, Slowpoke and Golduck. Niantic is surely going to add more Pokemon alongside those mentioned before.


During the time period that the Halloween event took place, Poke Stops had double the amount of items they usually have. The quantity of candies and eggs was doubled, and bonuses as Star dust were easier to obtain. We can expect Niantic to add new and interesting item that fit the Thanksgiving theme.

Other Events

Seeing how successful the Halloween event was for Pokemon Go in terms of revenue and the player base increasing, we can surely expect Niantic to drop a new update at every big event. The Halloween event has set the standard for the upcoming updates, and this means we are going to receive a whole new bunch of features to keep the game interesting as we play time and time again.