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Pokemon GO has managed to stir impressive waved in the mobile app industry with its highly addictive and successful gameplay that combines entertainment with getting out of the house and meeting new people, as well as discovering new real life locations.

Fans of the popular franchise have new reasons to be happy, as data miners have recently discovered that a possible update might be hitting the mobile game in the near future. This is in regards to code files found within the game that seem to be related to the second generation Pokemon, Ditto. While Ditto is a pokemon that fans can easily fall in love with, he is part of the second generation, according to the Pokemon series, meaning that the game developer might be thinking about stretching Pokemon GO’s roster. Another code that was found is for a new move in the game, called Transform. Pokemon fans will remember that Transform is Ditto’s signature move.

These results of data mining are a clear sign that Niantic Labs, the developer behind Pokemon GO, intends to bring our new content for the game, as was the case in previous occurrences, when subtle code files resulted in full-fledged features in the game, such as the buddy system.

While some are already speculating that the second generation of Pokemons will hit early 2017, some are skeptic about it, since Niantic hasn’t even made all the Generation 1 pokemons available yet, therefore believing that Generation 2 will, or at least should, wait a bit more.

Whatever these new data mined files mean, we won’t have to wait too long to find out, as 2017 is just around the corner and if Niantic really is planning on releasing something, it would probably be earlier into the new year rather than later.