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Google Photos was announced in May 2015, but it was released in October for both Android and iOS and since then, the application kept receiving new updates. The photo and video sharing and storage service has received many new features in the past months, such as “Free Up Space”, which allows users to automatically delete all photos from their photos if they are already stored online. Now, a new feature comes to the Android version, in the form of an offline capability.

Thanks to this new feature, users will have the possibility to build animations inside Google Photos when they are unable to connect to the Internet. So, after installing the latest update of Google Photos for Android, test out the new feature by turning on the airplane mode and opening the application. After that, open up the Assistant tab, which you can find on the bottom left corner of the main page, then at the top you’ll see the “Create new animation” option. Tap on it and select between 2-50 photos and finally hit “Create”. You are allowed to select “today” or “yesterday”, and then hit the “Create” option. The animation created by Google Photos will come in the form of a GIF, which will be stored locally.

You should receive the latest version of Google Photos app automatically, but if for some reason, the application isn’t updated automatically, you should head to the Google Play Store and download it from there. The new update has hit the store on November 9 and it also brought new shortcuts from the app icon on Android N, it allows users to sort photos in albums chronologically or by recently added and to reorder multiple items in an album by selecting photos and dragging. Also, the sharing experience has been improved, as users are able to quickly share to any contact, email, or phone number right from the app. Currently, there are over 200 million people who are actively using Google Photos, but the app has been downloaded 500 million times from the Google Play Store.