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With Elder Scrolls VI still floating on air, fans are also left grasping for air…relying on rumors to give them hope and a reason to wait and hold on. There are speculations that it might be released in 2019 complete with VR support. If that’s the case, then players want to see more than what they have experienced with the previous version.

Improved graphics

Where games are concerned, graphics performance plays a pivotal role. Every player wants to look and feel a game environment that is crisp, clear and clean. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim fell short on this particular requirement. In fact, if you compare the graphics from the new HD Remaster, you will understand why players are clamoring for a major upgrade on the graphics.

Improved combat mechanics

It is unfortunate that battles in Skyrim feels stilted and unrealistic. It lacks force and tactical orientation that make combat and fighting scenes look and feel satisfying. Fans want to get that hack-and-slash feel every time they use a sword, and they want their enemies to be able to block, counter and attack for a more satisfying outcome. Being able to roll and dodge, however difficult to implement, will be like a dream come true.

Non-voice protagonist

Voice protagonist is not a rarity in the game world. But a majority of Elder Scrolls’ fans would prefer a mute protagonist, rather than someone who talks. They’d much prefer to switch the voiced character for character customization or other features that will improve game performance. Whether or not Bethesda would listen to fan requests remains to be seen.

Better options for character customization

With a massive number of races to deal with and several additional features, it is understandable that The Elder Scrolls’ character customization won’t be as impressive as Fallout 4. But it doesn’t have to be poorly either. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim could definitely use improvements in its character creation tools. Fans understand the effort needed to tweak a character prior to the game start, which is why they would be happy with even just a ‘sculpting’ tool added in the Elder Scrolls VI.

Better loot management

Thanks to successful mods, Skyrim transformed into a full-on survival game. But it also made fans wished property management was available in the Elder Scrolls VI, similar to what the Hearthfire DLC delivered to Skyrim fans. Players are looking for a safe haven, with which to hide their loots. If building a base is possible in Fallout 4, it shouldn’t be a problem with the Elder Scrolls VI.

Well, there’s a slight risk that the gameplay or storyline might change with the addition of base-building features. Fans argue, however, that doing it on a small scale would unlikely ruin the game.

Better options for magic and crafting

Fans of Elder Scrolls want crafting weapons, armors and items to be a part of game progression. A more flexible and customizable option for using magic would be a great bonus as well. After all, both actions are part of what makes the game exciting. But there should be more.

While it is great that the Elder Scrolls VI will have VR support, the game itself should be improved first, before any more features will be added.