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Fallout 4 fans who play the game on their PS 4 will finally receive mods. The announcement was made by Bethesda, who had been in talks with Sony for a while and the latter company has already published a full list of mods that will be available soon.

The post-apocalyptic video game has already received Patch 1.8 on PC, but the latest patch for the Xbox One and PS4 consoles will go live by the end of this month and it will allow the systems to accept the mods. Patch 1.8 has also fixed many issues in Fallout 4, such as missing displays, crashes with the mods on, crashes when exiting to the Main Menu and an audio issue.

The Fallout 4 creation kit has been also updated to support mods on Sony’s console and gamers can install it by going to their Launcher and downloading the necessary files. Bethesda has warned gamers that PS4 mods will only be Plugins, and they will use only internal resources from the game, which means that it won’t be possible to change skins of NPCs and weapons, or to add new characters.

While, so far, Xbox One supports over 4,000 different mods, for PS4 will be available 68 unique options:

– 25% Tougher Deathclaws
– 50% Tougher Deathclaws
– 75% Tougher Deathclaws
– 95% Tougher Deathclaws
– Better looking Cait
– Better looking Curie
– Better looking Hancock
– Better looking Mama Murphy
– Better looking Piper
– Cannibal in Concord
– Cheat Container
– Classical Radio (Restored)
– Cloud Storage V2
– Companion Appearance Overhaul (Vanilla)
– Companion Appearance Overhaul (DLC)
– Craftable Paint
– Danse Editable Power Armor Enabler
– Developer Room
– Dependency Quest Fix
– DiMA’s Memories: Skip Far Harbor Memory Puzzle
– Dog Rug
– Eli’s Tweaks & Fixes All-In-One
– Enhanced Companion Storage
– FreeCrafter (Automatron)
– FreeCrafter (Base Game)
– FreeCrafter (Far Harbor)
– FreeCrafter (Nuka World)
– FreeCrafter (Season Pass)
– FreeMaker (Automatron)
– FreeMaker (Base Game)
– FreeMaker (Far Harbor)
– FreeMaker (Nuka World)
– FreeMaker (Season Pass)
– Immersive Cigarette Light
– Immersive-Gameplay
– Injection
– Jamaica Overland Express
– Laundromat
– Lexington Interiors
– Liberty Prime Blaster
– Longfellow’s Cabin Bridge to Far Harbor
– Missiles Minigun
– Moddable Robot Settlers
– Murphy the Mad Woman
– New Hairstyle: Waste Anchorage
– Nuka Grenade and Nuke Mine Crafting
– Patriotic Radio (Restored)
– Portable Nuka Jetpack For PS4
– Raider Radio (Restored)
– Realistic Guns and Bullets Overhaul
– SimpleGreen
– T&A Piper
– TheRealCMPUNKFan’s Cait
– The Beantown Interiors Project (No DLC)
– The Beantown Interiors Project
– UCO: Unified Clothing Overhaul (Base Game) includes Costume Party series
– UCO Pipboy Color Swap Enabler
– UCO: Unified Clothing Overhaul (Nuka World)
– UCO: Unified Clothing Overhaul (Vault-Tec Workshop)
– UCO: Unified Clothing Overhaul (Far Harbor) (includes Costume Party series)
– UCO: Unified Clothing Overhaul (Automatron) (includes Costume Party series)
– Unlock Raider Settlement Items
– Unlock Ballistic Weave
– Unlocked Settlement Objects (Season Pass)
– Wacky Weapons Workshop
– Work Crate.