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WhatsApp Messenger is considered to be the most popular messaging apps in the world today, with more than 1 billion users in over 180 countries, including Africa, India, South America, Europe and Asia. While its popularity was not instantaneous, it was a steady one. This did not escape the social network giant, Facebook, that in 2014, they acquired WhatsApp for a whooping $19 billion.

As expected, improvements continued. WhatsApp messenger first came out as a messaging app that allows users to send messages to other people who also have the app installed. This is on top of its other features like sending images, video and audio files. After several years since its inception and launch, there had also been several updates.

While downloading the app allows instant messaging, users looked for something better, that is, to be able to enjoy video calling and get more connected. Skype and Facetime allow this but not WhatsApp.

Finally, after years of  waiting, video calling feature for WhatsApp has finally been rolled out, for beta users, at least. Interested users need to sign up as beta users to be able to try out this feature, normal users are not able to enjoy.

Making a video call via WhatsApp is relatively easy and similar to other other video platforms like Facebook, Google Duo and Skype. By choosing a contact from the Whatsapp list and clicking on the phone icon, the call can be made. There are two options to choose from which are Video Call and Video Call Now. For a video call to a contact, go for Video Call. However, in order to get connected to a friend and enjoy the feature, the person being contacted should have the same version of the app.

How to Sign-up as a Beta User for WhatsApp Messenger

From Google Play Store, type WhatsApp on the search bar and click on the messenger icon. Scroll down until you see the “Be a beta tester” option. Choose the option “I’m in”.

By being a WhatsApp beta tester, you can enjoy features included in the beta version that other users cannot access as well as send feedback to the developers.

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