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If you’re a big fan of Super Smash Bros, you’re in for a real treat since the popular fighting game will most likely be made available in Nintendo Switch.

This report came about when the official Facebook account of Super Smash Bros liked the official Facebook account of Nintendo Switch. This resulted in a flurry of social media activity, with fans and gamers asking if this means that the game would be available on the new controller.

Reporter Laura Kate Dale stepped in to state that this would indeed be happening. Tweeting with the handle @LaurakBuzz, Dale revealed: “Switch getting Smash Bros port. Not launch day. Not confirming other Wii U ports. Bayonetta / Cloud Amiibo held for 2017 Switch port launch.” In a separate post, she added: “Smash Port is NOT launch day. Targetting first six months. Amiibo launching same day.”

Nintendo Switch will be released on March next year but, according to Dale, Super Smash Bros won’t be released with it. The ported version of the game will most likely become available within the first six months after Switch is launched, which falls around the second and third quarters of 2017.

According to Dale’s tweet, the Switch version of Super Smash Bros will be released on the same day as the Bayonetta and Cloud Amiibo. Amiibos are figurines that represent various characters and can be used in Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch consoles; when scanned by the console, they allow the players to customize the characters’ fighting styles and stats.

Most Super Smash Bros characters already have their amiibo figurines, except for Corrin, Cloud, and Bayonetta. Dale points out that “the reason we’re not seeing a 2016 release for those remaining 2016 Smash Amiibo is they are being held for Smash port release”. It’s not yet clear, though, if the Corrin amiibo will also be released together with Super Smash Bros’ Switch version.

Nintendo has not released an official statement about this, so everything should be taken with a grain of salt. However, it’s important to note that Laura Kate Dale  has previously revealed several spot-on info about the Nintendo Switch (such as the launch date of its trailer and the presence of detachable controllers). If her information continues to be correct, we can expect to play Super Smash Bros on the Switch next year.

Aside from Super Smash Bros, there are already a handful of games that are set to be available for the Nintendo Switch. These include Splatoon, Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, a new Super Mario game, and an unidentified NBA game. All of these appeared in Nintendo’s trailer for the Switch.

Unlike the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t seem to be struggling with catching the attention of developers. As of October, the upcoming console already has 48 software partners, including big-name players like EA, Ubisoft, and Bethesda. Capcom, which is known for popular titles like Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Mega Man, and Resident Evil, mentioned Nintendo Switch in a letter to its investors and stated that it’s already planning future projects with the console.

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