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Sony’ PS4 Pro is going to be available during this week, but not everyone is sure if they should hurry up and buy the PS4 Pro or just wait for the PS5. Rumors are that Sony is going to announce the official release date for PS5 just after the PS4 Pro launches, in order to not deter customers from buying the PS4 Pro. But this is not case since the new gaming console is probably going to drop around 2018.

There is some speculation surrounding the hardware Sony is going to use for their upcoming PS5. Reportedly the gaming console is going to sport the latest AMD chipset and also come with a 4K 1700 pixel HD resolution.

On the other hand, the PlayStation4 Pro sports the ADM Radeon processor with 4.2 teraflops speed and the octa-core Jaguar chipset. Sony’s gaming console is going to be equipped with 8GB of RAM and 1TB of internal storage space.

The only statement Sony made regarding the upcoming PS5 is that it’s going to completely change the gaming scene. Sony has also stated that the new console is going to bring features that are going to set the PS5 apart from other gaming consoles.

Release Date

Tech experts are reporting that the new PlayStation is going to be launched in 2018, and that it is going to have more advanced technological hardware and at the same time its size is going to be modified. A reporter for the Wall Street Journal has also hinted that the new gaming console is going to be launched during 2018 and that is going to be virtual reality compatible. This is something to be expected since they already figured out VR technology with their PS VR.

Scott Rhode has said in an interview with MTV that Sony is always looking to bring something bigger and better on the market than what has already been done before. For the moment all the information we have is based on rumors and speculations, we still have to wait for Sony to confirm a release date.