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Recently, Niantic Labs launched the iOS version, named 1.11.4, of the popular Pokemon Go app. Thankfully, it brings lots of bug fixes and it comes to users soon after the company also released the 1.11.2 version for iOS with some new features. You will be happy to know (if you don’t know already) that now you have a hack that lets you catch Pokemons from the comfort of your own home, and this without you performing any jailbreak on the device. For now it’s available only for iOS and only for versions iOS 9 and iOS 10.

Before the installation of this hacked version, you have to have access to a functional Mac or Windows PC, besides having an iOS device with the aforementioned versions. Let’s see the steps for installing this version!

  1. Uninstall the current game on the device. This will help prevent any conflicts between the current installed version and the hacked one.
  2. Go to the computer and access Scroll down until you reach Downloads and Disclaimers.
  3. Download the Cydia Impactor, choosing the appropriate version for you, Mac or Windows, plus the Pokemon Go 1.11.4++ hack.
  4. Install Cydia Impactor on the computer.
  5. Connect the iOS device to the computer via USB. Open iTunes and make sure that it recognizes the phone.
  6. Open Cydia Impactor and it should recognize the iOS device. Drag the hacked version you previously downloaded in the interface of Cydia Impactor. Then it will prompt for an Apple username and login. Please be patient as it might take a while here.
  7. Let the program download and install the app on the phone. You will get a prompt about an Untrusted Developer, which will give you the Apple ID you need to sign the app in the Impactor, and then you should launch the hacked app on the device.
  8. Go to Settings/General/Device Management and tap on the Apple ID. Tap on Trust and Trust again.
  9. Finally, you can launch the Pokemon Go app, put in your birthday and click Submit. Then you sign in and you’re ready!