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When it was released in July, Pokemon Go created quite the stir. Almost everyone seemed to like collecting the different kinds of Pokemon characters. The quest to have them all became a hobby and for once, a mobile game was able to actually get people out of the house to hunt for these Pokemon in places like parks.

Given that there’s this bucket list of Pokemon to be caught, should it come as a surprise that the game actually has more hidden secrets? That was the reveal of John Hanke, CEO of Niantic. He says that secrets will always be part of the game as the studio is always adding them in. Hanke adds that there is one that they are monitoring the progress of but won’t reveal any more information.

A Halloween update for Pokemon Go was rolled out at the end of October but that special only lasted until the 1st of November. The most recent update of the globally popular smartphone game was made just recently. That update featured references to over 100 new Pokemon, but it still isn’t clear if this is the “secret” Hanke was referring to.

Niantic also announced a new promotion – though time limited – that allows players to search for more Pokemon around the world. In addition to that, more items will be featured in PokeStops. This promotion is only good until November 11.

Since it was launched, Pokemon GO has become a worldwide hit. The app has been downloaded over 500 million times and has made about $600 million in its first three months on the market. Those are quite impressive feats.

While it remains unclear what the “secret” Hanke is talking about, a lot have speculated that it has something to do with the Halloween update or the daily bonus updates.