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They almost sound the same and look the same. They also both get the first Android 7.0 Nougat update among the Motorola handsets. But certainly, these two Moto G budget phones aren’t equal. Let us take a look at how they compare.


Firstly, there’s the price difference, albeit not that significant. In the UK, the G4 has a starting price of  169 British pounds from Motorola including customization. While the G4 Plus has a starting price of 199 British pounds exclusively from Amazon for the 16GB model 2GB RAM. From Motorola itself, the handset starts at 229 British pounds for the 32GB model.


Screen dimension-wise, both handsets sport 5.5-inch full HD display.

Processor and Battery

Likewise, both phones run on the same processor, a 1.5GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor. They are also powered by the same Adreno 405 GPU (a 3,000mAh battery) with TurboPower fast-charging feature.

The only difference though is that the G4 Plus comes with a TurboPower charger.


Now, here comes the major difference. The G4 comes with a 13Mp camera, while the G4 Plus with up to 16Mp camera.

Ram and Storage

While both devices come with a Micro-SD slot for expandable memory of up to 128GB, their internal storage capacity greatly varies. The Moto G4 is available in 2GB RAM and 16GB or 32B storage. The G4 Plus, on the other hand, has double storage capacity with 4GB of RAM.

Finger Print Scanner

Only the G4 Plus is designed with a fingerprint scanner as an added security measure. The scanner is located below the screen, just like in Galaxy S7.

It is quite unusual for the Moto G4 Plus to have the same dimension and almost the same specs as the G$, but paying extra $30 dollars for better camera, greater storage capacity, and beefed-up security seems fair. So, which is it for you?

Now, if you are curious about how these two devices will perform with the Android 7.0 Nougat update, make sure to check this out and learn more about its features and how it’s going to change your mobile experience.