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Apple already released iOS 10.1 for the bug fixes of the earlier version, particularly on its health app. With the reported jailbreak tool for iOS 10, spectators are looking forward to new developments of a possible tool for the 10.1 upgrade. If rumors are true, the wait is over. Well-known researcher and hacker Luca Todesco is said to already have developed the coveted jailbreak tool for this upgrade. The drawback, though, is that Todesco is not going to release it to the public.

The Pangu team is already reported to be coming up with the working tool anytime soon and so will other teams. These rumors are not far from the truth since Pangu is already known for this. While with iOS 10, they were able to provide a demo at a conference months ago in China but did not really release a full version of the jailbreak tool for iOS 10, the team of Pangu have done so in the past for the earlier iOS versions and these tools worked. As for the 10.1 jailbreak tool, reports say that several teams are already working on it.

Meanwhile, there is an existing video that proves the existence of an already functioning jailbreak tool but there are skepticism about its authenticity and this includes Saurik. The Cydia creator, himself, doubts the said video. Conversely,  Apple is already believed to be seeding out a beta version of yet another update, the iOS 10.2. beta version that is available for registered beta users.

In the meantime, the public just have to wait for further announcements on the exact release date of the elusive iOS jailbreak tool from Pangu or if Todesco will have a change of heart and finally share his working jailbreak tool. Whoever it is not really what is important but the fact that a working tool is forthcoming.