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There is an ongoing debate regarding the way in which you should code your site, as well as divided opinions between using Java or HTML5. For most people, the choice resides in the comfort and their own personal experience, but if you are not sure which one should you choose for working, here is a brief comparison between the two.

Often times, people see HTML5 as being more stable than its rival, since with Java you have to make an upgrade to the entire system every month. Besides, with HTML5 you don’t need to use Adobe Flash anymore, since it lets you add tags and links for multimedia, together with audio or visual files. This is even more an advantage, since everybody knows that Java and Adobe Flash are often causing crashes.

Both options are suitable for any browser or any operating system, which is a big plus for both. It’s really important nowadays to be so, because many things rely on specific browsers now. However, HTML5 is better when it comes to relying on accessing cloud based files.

HTML is better than Java when you need to make a mobile-friendly site too. Most time Java crashes and it takes up lots of resources, while HTML5 offers faster download times of the images on the website. Gaming sites are now quitting Java to switch to HTML5, since this is definitely superior. Many such websites, including Mirror bingo, for example, try their best to avoid any crashes and to maintain a smooth user experience. Moreover, HTML5 offers a better security since does not rely on the same open architecture like its rival does. In a Java site, when you identify a security issue, you can create a patch. However, when you do so, you often create a new hole that also needs a patch, which translates to a waste of time and resources.