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Since Rockstar Games has officially confirmed their production of Red Dead Redemption 2, rumors surrounding the launch date of Grand Theft Auto 6 have sky rocketed. At the moment Rockstar is focusing on developing and launching Red Dead Redemption 2 and that means that GTA fans will surely have to wait a bit longer before the game gets released.

Release Date for GTA 6

Even though GTA 6 has a huge fan base on all platforms, and is surrounded by hype, Rockstar is choosing to point their attention toward launching Red Dead Redemption 2. Grand Theft Auto 6 was expected to be launched during the year 2018, but taking in consideration the fact that Rockstar Games is launching RDR 2 during 2017, GTA 6 might be delayed until 2020.

Woman protagonist

This is the current trend with most game franchises. They are putting females in their lead roles. GTA is surely going to have to implement this feature because in most of their games there weren’t any important female roles. The game also received bad feedback because of the way they were presenting women in their game.

New Map

Until now, the game’s story has always taken place in US. The last map being an almost identical copy of Los Angeles, they even added the famous Venice Street in the game. Rumors are pointing out the fact that Rockstar Games might want to take the game into a new direction and have the story of the game take place in a more exotic place, adding different places of the world.


For the moment all the information we have has been based around rumors and speculations, and for that reason we should not get too hyped until Rockstar decides to confirm the rumors. Since Rockstar Games has been rather silent regarding the new GTA game, we are going to have to wait a little more before they decide to release official information