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Reports have emerged enumerating the number of PS4 games that will be supported undo PS4 Pro, making them cross-compatible with each other. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include GTA 5, but it’s not the end of the world just yet.

During the PlayStation Meeting, Sony has released a list of game titles that’ll make a better use of the PS4 Pro’s 4K technology, especially with support built into them. These include Watch Dogs 2; all 3 versions of Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered, and Black Ops 3 with day one patch; FIFA 17; Spider-Man; and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Why do people think GTA 5 should be included on the list?

It is, after all, an open world game, and is constantly pushing its boundaries in terms of scenery. In fact, it has enhanced its resolution to 4K, with the inclusion of HDR. This made Los Santos City and its outskirts look more vibrant, with colors and scenery just popping off the screen. And with a 4K and an HDR patch on the way, GTA 5 could definitely use a PS4 Pro support.

However, there is a question of whether or not the patch would be free.

A Sony representative told Polygon that patches will be free of charge, but this may not be true for all game titles. According to a report in Game Impress Watch, game publishers may charge players and consumers for the PS4 Pro patch.

Executive Vice President at Sony Interactive Entertainment, Masayasu Ito, also confirmed that the arrangement would be different for each title, depending on what a licensee or third-party publishers think. The same may also apply to games published by Sony.

As of this writing, only Bethesda confirmed that the PS4 Pro patch for the Elder Scrolls Online will be free. Further details are needed with regard to other first-party and third-party titles that will be patched with PS4 Pro support.

First-party games to get the patch on November 10 are Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End from Naughty Dog, and Infamous: First Light from Sucker Punch. Third-party titles to get the patch are Deus Ex: Mankind Divided from Square Enix, The Witness from Thekla, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered from Activision, and The Elder Scrolls Online from Bethesda Softworks.

As for HDR support, A Sony spokesperson confirmed to Polygon that it will make its way to several first party and third party titles, such as Days Gone, Spider-Man, Detroit: Become Human, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

What does the PS4 Pro patch has to offer players and fans? It will allow PS4 and other supported games to run on the console in Native 4K. What is even better is that you only need to buy a single copy of a PS4 game and use it in any PS4 system. It won’t even matter which platform is used, because the multiplayer features will work as long as the patch is applied. So here’s hoping that GTA 5 will get the PS4 Pro Patch.

In the meantime, find out what’s going on with the GTA 5 for Xbox One and PS4.