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The two search engines Yahoo and Google have always competed against each other in the race of being the best search engine, the two companies are also going head to head in the race of who offers the best Mail services. Gmail and Yahoo Mail are the most popular Mail apps, and this year both have received a complete software overhaul. We are going to present some of the newly implemented features to help you decide which one is the best.


Google is reportedly going to improve the way their iOS app looks and feels. Most of the features are going to be centered on the app’s cosmetics and speed improvements. The main focus of Google’s development team is going to be to make the app easier to use as stated by Matthew Izatt, the product manager for Google. The new Gmail for iOS is going to bring quicker transitions and more of a sleek look. The color schemes are going to be redesigned, the color red being the main theme.

Yahoo Mail

Reports are showing that Yahoo is looking to also bring new features for their iOS and Android mobile app. The main focus of the updates is going to be to allow the user change up the look to make the app more personal.

Undo Send

Everyone has managed to send an accidental mail. Maybe it was an unfinished mail, or it was sent to the wrong person, the only thing that matters is that after you hit the send option, there was no going back.

Google listened to their users’ requests and decided to implement the long awaited “Undo Send” option. After you hit send, you will have a five second time window in which you can choose to cancel the process, but you need to be paying close attention since those five seconds pass very fast.

Stationery Feature

Yahoo has implemented this feature to allow their users to personalize mails. Using this feature the user can add an extra touch to an email. For example when wishing someone happy birthday, allowing the user to make it more personal.