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A reboot of the Doom series, this is the first major installment since 2004’s Doom 3. Just like all those before it, it’s a first-person shooter (FPS) where users play an unnamed marine. This game is set in Mars and the marine fights demon forces unleashed from Hell by the Union Aerospace Corporation. It sounds intriguing but was the decade wait worth it? And more importantly, is it the best FPS released this year?

What Makes Doom a Great Game?

Right off the bat, you’re in action when playing Doom – you’re constantly battling demons and moving at a really fast pace. You move between the industrial and corporate fields of the Union Aerospace Corporation’s research facility on Mars and that of Hell. The marine whose identity you’re assuming can perform double-jumps as well as ledge-climbs given that the game emphasizes speed and momentum.

As a player, you need to improve their health, and in order to do that you have to kill your enemies. Finishing off your opponents also allows you to collect armor which will be useful as you journey through the campaign.

Doom also has a feature called “Glory Kills” which is a melee execution system. This basically means that you can perform a violent takedown of the enemy when significant damage has been done. Doing so earns you extra health.

As mentioned, you can collect weapons when you kill your enemies. The weapons selection in this game is large and includes the BFG 9000, which has been present in the series for a long time.

In terms of enemies, the original ones such as Cyberdemon, Mancubus, Pinky and Revenant are all here and sport new designs. The Doom campaign has 13 maps and can last a player 13 hours of gameplay.

Each level of the game has different pathways as well as open areas you can take. Passing through each of these allows you to search for items to collect as well as secrets to gather. These collectibles can then be used to upgrade Praetor Suits, for rune powers and for weapon modifications. You can unlock different modes of fire for a lot of weapons and you can upgrade the firing modes even further when you use weapon tokens. With runes, a player can transfer to a different arena in order to perform a combat challenge that rewards you with different abilities. You can also upgrade your player’s Praetor Suit by improving health, collecting armor and gathering ammunition through the collection of special tokens from marines who are dead.

In addition to the various pathways in each level, there is also a hidden lever which opens an area that is an extract from Doom or Doom II. Once unlocked, these are made accessible in the Classic Maps menu.

Doom is certainly one of the best FPS games released this year. The year isn’t even over yet and more games are still on their way, including Dishonored 2. But yes, so far, Doom is one of the most impressive releases of 2016.