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A beta version of a product is a good way to get a feel for it as well as discover some flaws. Releasing a beta is, essentially, a way for software makers to address issues and see how their product is doing before releasing a final version. That is what Adobe did on November 4 when they released the beta version of Flash Player 24.

What do we know about it?

This version has a couple of new features benefiting users and developers, including:

  • Support for Apple TV. Adobe added tvOS version 9.2 and later into the AIR Beta Channel. This allows content on the AIR application to work on 4th-generation Apple TVs as well as newer versions of Apple TV.
  • Swipe Velocity for Android and iOS. Adobe AIR developers can now read the velocity property on Swipe events on iOS and Android platforms in order to determine swipe strength.
  • Android SDK upgrade. AIR Runtime will feature an updated Android SDK.
  • Permissions on Android and iOS. Users granted apps permissions when it is run, not when it’s installed – this was the case starting Android 6.0. In order to handle this, Adobe has introduced the Permissions API for both iOS and Android devices. Through this, app developers can ask for permission for Camera, Microphone and Camera Roll, among others.
  • Custom fonts support for StageText on Android and iOS devices. In the past, specific system fonts were needed to create StageText. Now, developers can use fonts other than those already present in the system.
  • Different permissions for HTTP and HTTPS protocols for Camera and Microphone. Users can grant access to domains serving content through HTTPS and reject those using HTTP.

Adobe aims to improve the digital experience with Flash Player 24 Beta. Although security patches are continually rolled out for version 23, this new beta is still something to look forward to.