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Android and iOS have been fighting over mobile OS supremacy for a long time, and it doesn’t look like competition is going to cease any time soon.

The newest edition of Apple’s OS, iOS 10 has been out since September, but Apple has a new update that is meant to give Google a run for its money. Google on the other hand still relies on Android 7.0 Nougat, so let’s see if it’s enough to go toe to toe with the newest iPhone firmware.

There are some new features in iOS 10.2, including three new wallpapers available for both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, new camera settings and a new widget catering to videos. Other implementations include:

  • New emoji to share with friends and enhance text messages.
  • The Home button now has a function that allows users to speak directly after holding down the button, which can be enabled form the Home Button Accessibility tabs in the phone’s settings.
  • New screen effect for messages, “Celebration”.
  • Bluetooth headsets get icon in status bar.
  • Now users can see the star ratings through an option in the music settings menu.
  • Using the Power Button 5 times will send out SOS alerts as in the case of the Apple Watch.
  • The TV app and widget make an appearance.

Overall iOS 10.2 seem to be taking a couple pages out of Google’s book, as Apple is trying to emulate the recipe for success that Google has found with Android. While some might be upset that Apple is using features that have been already implemented in Android, most are happy that Apple is listening and giving consumers the feature they want, the same type of features could probably make them choose an Android device on the new device upgrade.

The interface now features an attempt at widgets, done a bit differently that what Android provides, and the main apps like photo and music have received great updates that lean more towards an Android design. All in all, Apple’s OS can compete with Android Nougat from an equal ground, but ultimately the customer’s preference is what determines the standoff.