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There are lots of mobile apps that you can use to maximize the functionality of your device. In fact, many people look for apps that can easily manage their way of living. The problem comes when the device is older with not-so-recent operating system.

Some apps may require an updated operating system before you can download and install them. Well, that is not the case for WhatsApp chat and call app. For instance, others may have older Samsung models that should involve processes that are not so smooth and easy to perform.

Moreover, older Samsung smartphones, Galaxy Tabs, and other related models may not have native Android support for the WhatsApp mobile app. So, the result will hinder you from installing this app for your outdated Samsung gadgets. Fortunately, you can fix this by simply following a few steps to make this work on your favor.

For Samsung Tablets

  • Go to Settings, then go to General and tap Security.
  • You should find the Unknown Sources and tap on the checkbox to select.
  • Search from your own browser the APK version of the WhatsApp file.
  • Tap on the downloaded file after downloading and proceed with the installation.

You can also do this from your PC. Once done downloading the file, you need to copy it and save in the tablet so that you can install it later on. Just look for the official page where you need to download the file corresponding to your version of Android available there.

Installing WhatsApp on your computer can also be possible, if you are going to use an Android emulator. This should be compatible with MS operating system. One of the most popular Android emulator is Bluestacks, which you can download from its own website.

Simply click on the Download button and the rest should be up to the wizard. All you need to do is to follow the next steps so that you can enjoy the emulator right from your Windows PC. Using Bluestacks will enable you to emulate WhatsApp mobile app just as if it was installed on an Android device like the older versions of Samsung devices.