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It was known since months ago that WhatsApp will enable 2-factor authentication, but this functionality finally went live in 2.16.341 beta version. After installing this version on your Android smartphone, open WhatsApp and head to Settings. There you’ll see the new Two-step verification option on which you will tap to bet more explanations, before enabling it.

After turning on two-step verification, you will need to enter a six digit passcode – it will be introduced each time you will register your phone number with WhatsApp. Tap Confirm and then give your email address that will be used to reset your passcode, in case you forget it. After doing this, two-step verification will be active and nobody else will be able to activate WhatsApp with your phone number (in case your phone is stolen and the thief wants to use your number to log into your WhatsApp account, on a new device), because if he doesn’t know the passcode or your email address, he won’t be able to reset it.

The second new useful addition to WhatsApp will allow you to play audio messages in the background. Until now, in order to listen to a voice message, you had to keep WhatsApp open and you couldn’t leave the conversation. Thanks to the new beta update, now you’re allowed to do whatever you want, switch to other conversations or applications, and as long as the screen doesn’t turn off, you can listen to the entire voice message. It was hard to not move away from the conversation windows when the voice message was 5 minutes long and boring, but you still had to listen to it until the end.

An option that was tested and taken off from the latest beta version made it possible to stream shared videos before or without downloading them. We don’t know why WhatsApp has decided to remove this option, but maybe we’ll see it again in a future beta update.