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When the Surface Pro 4 has been released, users have complained about endurance issues and battery drains and Microsoft has solved most of the problems along the way, but the hybrid tablet still offers mediocre results compared to other competitive tablets. It seems that its predecessor is also dealing with similar problems, after users who have their tablets powered by Simplo and LG Chem batteries said that the cells drained in just two hours and they weren’t charging when plugged into the wall outlet. Finally, Microsoft has brought a fixed for this issue.

Users affected by this problem had to use the Surface Pro 3 only when plugged in, which means that they weren’t able to take their tablets with them if there was no outlet around. Thankfully, the nightmare is over, as a new update that has been just released “corrects the firmware component that functions as a fuel gauge so that the battery capacity is accurately reported.”

The error caused the full charge capacity of the battery to be misreported to the OS and device firmware and Microsoft has brought this fix that will make the tablet operate on battery power again. The v38.11.50.0 update can be installed by going to Start > Settings > Update & security > Windows update > Check for Updates. The firmware that fixed the issue started rolling out on November 7, and before installing it, you must plug the Surface Pro 3 into AC power and disconnect all USB devices and external monitors. After the firmware update is being applied, the AC power can be finally disconnected.

The good news is that the batteries that were previously affected by this error haven’t been damaged, but as a precautionary measure, it’s recommendable to install the update on all Surface Pro tablets.

Have you installed the latest update for your Surface Pro 3? Was your issue solved?