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Many people expected the Android 7.0 Nougat to have been installed on more devices by now. Don’t think so? Google the issue, and you’ll see a number of people asking when mobile phone users will see their phones update to the latest firmware. Many people are seeking answers to when it’ll happen including Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 7 users.

The Nougat Update Rumors

As it stands, it’s just Nexus devices that were given the go-ahead to install the firmware onto their devices. Nougat was released in October, and there’s been no indication as to when it’ll be available on Samsung devices. Samsung’s TouchWiz version updated to the Grace UX, the Nougat update will be fine with it when the firmware is finally available for the S7 and Note 7 devices.

Updates Are On The Way

GSM Arena claims there is a listing of what devices will get the Android Nougat, and Galaxy Note 7 and S7 are on the list. There’s no information as to when it’ll happen; just that it will happen. According to several conducted tests, the answer may be sooner than later.

What Samsung’s President Has Promised

The company’s mobile division president has noted how important it is to offer the latest firmware, but that it must be first stable for its users. It’s why the company has yet to accept any of the OS updates. The president said there would be some beta testing on it first before mobile devices are given the go-ahead for the update.

The reality is that Samsung is still recovering from its Note 7 fiasco of randomly combusting. It doesn’t want to take any chances that a problem occurs from the firmware Nougat. Still, it’s a sign that Android Nougat update will be available at some point, but not until the company is sure it’s all good and obstacles have been overcome.