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While many Samsung Galaxy users are downloading the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update, many are still on the lookout for the Nougat update. Even people who have older Samsung models are taking steps that will allow them to use the Nougat update.

What Are Rumors Saying About The Firmware’s Update

Rumors are circulating that Samsung’s version of Nougat is still in development. However, a release date may come sooner than later. Of course, there have been rumors that a better stylus support will be available for Samsung Note series.
Sources say Samsung’s bent screen models – Galaxy S7 Edge, Edge and S6 Edge – have been added to the conversation. There’s been talking of the S Pen being added to the bundle for the Samsung Note line.

Is There An Expected Release Date?

Many Nexus devices have received the Nougat update. However, no Samsung Galaxy devices have gotten it. And, with Nexus devices hitting the marketing, Samsung is looking to do some beta testing before it offers a public released to the Android update on its devices.

With the lack of information coming from Samsung about the Nougat update, it’s not that surprising that there’s no official word on a release date for it. Still, Samsung tablet and smartphone users can look forward to seeing it on newer devices like the Edge series, Note 7 and S7.