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When a really hyped game gets close to its launch date the developers of the game usually send out copies of the games to high profile people to help promote it. As this is the case, sometimes the game copy gets misplaced, or ends up in the wrong hands and information about the game gets leaked. Pokemon Sun and Moon data has been leaked as well, and new information that was not previously known has come to light. Information that even the trailer or the demo datamine did not contain. The most important information is the data that shows the game is going to implement new attack moves, the Z-moves.

We already knew that Z-moves were going to be added to the game from the game trailers, but the trailers only showcased Eevee and Pikachu using the Z-move. What we did not know is that there are other Z-moves in the game and even final evolution of starters are going to be able to use Z-moves as well.


The major news included in the leaks is that starter Pokemon are going to be able to use Z-Moves. This should come as too much of a surprise since similar to Mega Evolutions in X and Y, it seemed logic that the starting Pokemon are going to be able to use the moves.

The leaks have been confirmed on 4Chan, and the 4Chan community is also saying that Rowlet’s final evolution Decidueye is going to have a new Decidium Z-Move, that has never been seen before. Pikachu‘s Z-Move is going to do a massive amounts of damage, while Eeevee’s Z-Move is going to improve her stats.

New Leaks

Taking in consideration the popularity Pokemon Sun and Moon has, we can expect more leaks to be coming in the next week. The game is going to be launched on the 18th of November for both the 3DS and Nintendo Switch.

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