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The game was released by Naughty Dog as an exclusive for PlayStation 3. The Last Of Us is considered to be one of the greatest zombie RPG game ever as it quickly becoming one of the most popular games after its launch, and because it can only be played on the PlayStation 3 this gave the game an even bigger fan base.

Because the game has such a huge fan base, a second installment of The Last Of Us franchise is expected to drop really soon. Everyone is expecting that the game’s story line is going to revolve around Joel and Ellie, the main protagonists in the original game. Naughty Dog knows the success these two characters brought to their game and they might still implement them in the upcoming game.

VR Compatible

Since VR headsets are all the rage right now, making the game VR compatible will give Naughty Dog the opportunity to showcase their impressive game graphics. The Last Of Us has set really high standards, and the second installment of the game has to bring something new and impressive to be able to impress its fans and make a profit at the same time.

This could be a great move coming from Naughty Dog since previously the game has been a PlayStation exclusive and Naughty Dog will more than likely keep the tradition alive and release the upcoming game just for the Sony platform. The great part about this is that PlayStation has the PS4 VR console, which is VR compatible and this would make sense for The Last Of Us to also be VR compatible.

Main Protagonists

The two different personalities of Ellie and Joel are what made the game’s story work so good. Naughty Dog is aware of the importance these two characters have on their games, and even if they did not confirm anything we can still hope that they will continue their story line. Even if Naughty Dog decides to implement new characters they are surely going to do a good job with their story.