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Everybody loves the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Rockstar Games has released their games on all possible gaming platforms and this way they managed to gather a huge fan following. Not only that, but their games are awesome because they give players the opportunity to play how they want. Grand Theft Auto is known to give its player free roam so he can choose to play the game his own way to follow the main story or just blow everything up.

Because the game has such a huge following, and fans are highly anticipating a new GTA 6 game to be launched, rumors have started to spread ever since GTA 5 was released. There are many forums dedicated to GTA and the most popular threads are the ones that speculate what features the new GTA 6 is going to have.

GTA 6 Main Character

What GTA does best is that it presents a great character driven story. One of the main selling points of the latest GTA 5 was that Rockstar has innovated their story line and put three different main protagonists in the game. The player had the option to switch between them at all times, doing separate side missions designed for each and one of them.

The current trend with most video games right now is to add a female protagonist to their game, since there are also many female gamers out there. Rockstar never had a important female character in their game yet, and they have been criticized for that. We can surely expect that Rockstar Games are going to add a main female character in their upcoming game.


The game’s story has always been centered on the map the player is set in. Until now Rockstar Games did a great job with their maps. All of their maps have been based on places from the US, the last being a copy of Los Angeles, having an identical copy of Venice Street.

Speculations are pointing out that the next GTA game is going to be set in a foreign country. The most likely foreign country that they are going to choose is probably going to be Japan, because their gang Yakuza fits perfectly with the GTA theme.