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Good news for Chrome Browser users. Google is giving its users a more convenient and better experience as they browse the internet. Google Chrome has another update, after the redesigning of the browser for Android and the update on Google Play Store and the Google Assistant.

Last month, it was reported that users will now be experiencing changes in the browsing speed because of the major changes to Chrome 55 and this has something to do with the lesser RAM consumption. With this update, there will be a 35% to 50% reduction of the use of RAM while browsing. This has been a problem among Chrome users who have the habit of opening multi-windows and tabs.

Performance is not the only area that promises improved user experience. The browser is also undergoing a makeover in terms of layout. With the updated Chrome, the search bar will be relocated beneath the display that users who have devices with larger screens will find easier to manage, allowing for working on the browser with one hand.

Conversely, controls are also found at the bottom. These include the search tab,option to switch tabs as well as add tags. Rumors also surfaced that Google will also be adding browser controls for Internet Explorer and Edge for mobile phones.

Meanwhile, according to Google, browsing is now 15% faster in Windows. This is because of the use of Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) technology from Microsoft that tracks the functions that are most familiar with PGO and uses the data to do so.

With Chrome 55, there will also be fixes following the Trojan threat that will compromise the security of the system by bypassing Google Chrome browsing permission. The company already has a patch for this but this will be concurrent with the release of the upcoming Chrome update. With reduced RAM consumption and improved user experience, Google will remain to be on top of its game.