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Google is one of most popular search engines today and perhaps, the busiest. The team does not stop from making improvements and experiments to enhance user experience. According to smartphone users, the latest development is the UI with the Google Play Store update and no less than the users themselves reported their observations.

Tweaks to the UI have been reported by users that include changes in the layout and color scheme while one of the most visible transformation is the bigger “Install” button. As for the app category, it can now be found in the center and below the description of the app.

The ratings for the app and the number of downloads are also more prominent while the UI interface for the Play Store has a darker shade of green. Other changes were seen via screenshots and users who have seen them are quite happy with the enhancements.

The first sight of the improved look of the GooglePlay Store was from a video uploaded on YouTube with the tips and tricks of using the new Pixel smartphones. Those who have watched were amazed with what the saw.

Some of the noticeable improvements are the app carousel found on the Google Play Store is smaller and is now beneath the search bar instead of on top while the page for “More Information” is now positioned before the “developer’s information”. Before the transformation, the former was placed under the description of the app. This is also more readable than before.

It was observed that Google is testing the waters since only a small number of users are able to enjoy the update with the improved UI seen on the Nexus 6P with Android 7.1.1 version. But reports say that a roll out of the Google Play Store update features will be happening anytime soon.

Meanwhile Nougat update petitions are up for older models of mobile devices. These are from smartphone owners who want to upgrade to the Nougat without buying new phones.