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Google Maps has received an update that brought some new features for its users. Google Maps users can now add stops along their route. Adding stopping points along the route will prompt the app to search and list what hotels, restaurants and other businesses are situated around the stopping point ahead of time.

The best way to receive Google updates ahead of time, and to get a chance to toy with the new features before everyone else does is to install the beta version of Google Maps on your smartphone. The new update that Google has rolled out brings some interesting features that allow the user to plan his trips and to even change the way the map looks.

A new option is now available in the settings menu, the option to enable Google Maps to present its maps in the satellite view. Before this update rolled out, the user had to constantly change between map outlooks.

The restaurant listings have received a small but noticeable improvement as well. When you are searching for a venue, links are going pop up containing similar places to the one you are looking for. This is usually the case for restaurants, cafes that are situated in big cities. If you are searching for a restaurant in a smaller city, chances are that there aren’t going to be too many similar restaurants around and links with similar options might not pop up.

The best feature presented in this update is that now the user can add stopping points along his route. This is more of a quality of life feature rather than a functionality feature.

If you want to be the first one to receive Google Maps updates and features, you should go ahead to Google Map’s official website and download the beta version of the app. This way you will always be kept up to date.

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