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Google has developed an app that offers its Gmail users easy accessibility; an app that will keep their messages safe and save you time. The app receives messages immediately with push notifications. You can read and respond to all messages online and offline and look through each message in the inbox.

How You Can Manage Your Emails Today

With this update, you can read all your emails in a single location. There’s no need to switch accounts like you see with Outlook and Yahoo. You can read other accounts’ emails in the conversations view.
Integration Of Google Drive

The improvement allows for auto-complete features once Gmail has been upgraded to the new version. You can review the large attachments and can save emails in your Google Drive accounts with one tap.

Rich Text Formatting

Gmail updates can be seen on a multitude of platforms and devices, which means you can use any iOS or Android device and use it. Google is always updating the service, addressing the bugs and adding features. And, for that reason, Gmail has seen some vast improvements like instant RSVP to Gmail apps via mobile devices and rich-text formatting.

Offer Alert Features

Gmail users can use the Alert feature to know when they can update the latest features like the add formatting to content feature. The Formatting feature will offer the ability to underline, bold, highlight, italicize or color text. It gives users the ability to stress on a certain topic or email so that the receiver understands what points are being stressed the most.

Gmail users now have the option, with just one tap, to respond through Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange. There’s no reason to open another app to respond since it can be done via the Gmail app.