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“Dishonored 2” was expected by many gamers out there, but it seems that some of them are already quite disappointed of it. However, they are not disappointed of how the game looks or its gameplay, but they complained about how the game runs on their computers.

Most of the gamers are complaining about not being able to run Dishonored 2 at 1080p with 60 frames per seconds (FPS). Instead, the game goes to as low as 18FPS, which we can clearly say that it is unplayable.

In addition, even if gamers try to change the graphics settings, the issue still remains. Dmax3901, a NeoGAF user, was able to take some screenshots while playing “Dishonored 2” in order to prove how awful the game runs. In an image we can clearly see that the game runs on 18FPS and the textures and lighting have been drastically reduced. While Dmax3901 says that the story line is awesome and the game itself is great, but he is very disappointed that, sometimes, the game ran at so low fps.

Bethesda has not commented yet about this problem, but we have to remind you that this issue was present on Skyrim: Special Edition, which the studio has recently released. If the Dishonored 2 FPS issue will not be fixed soon, the game might not be sold so well anymore and the company will lose a good amount of revenues.

It is good to know that the FPS issue is also found on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. An upcoming 9GB patch will be released for the “Dishonored 2” on the two mentioned consoles sometime soon, but it is not sure if the frame rate issue will be fixed.

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