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Android Auto is a Google service that probably less people know about, and if you do not own a car, there are high chances that you are among the people that do not know about it. Well, if that’s the case, Android Auto allows people, specifically drivers, to put all their important apps and functions in one metaphorical basket and ensure that they have everything they need at hand while driving, without getting tangled in the “rummaging for that one app” process.

Android App allows users to constantly have important things on screen, ready to go at a moment’s notice, such as specific text conversations, the user’s favorite music app, such as Google Play Music, Spotify or Pandora, the GPS directions provided by Google Maps, and others, which can be customized according to the driver’s preferences. Once everything is set up to the driver’s liking, it can be paired with the car so that the Android Auto interface shows up on the car’s display. Currently there are over 50 popular car brands that are integrating Android Auto into their new car models, and more are on the way, but there is also a huge number of people that drive older cars that do not support Android Auto, or straight up lack a screen inside their car completely. It is for this set of drivers that Google has decided to push out an Android Auto update that focuses on bringing the same features to those drivers.

With the new update, drivers will be able to access all the pertinent information directly from their phone screen, having all the important data in one place, thus limiting the time and resources allocated to phone usage while driving. The phone can be placed on any kind of car support for a mobile device, and be used as an external screen for the car. This bit of information isn’t new, as this is possible for a long time now, but after Android users will get their hands on the new Android Auto update, they can add more purpose to the car supports and make their driving experience even more enjoyable.