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Every second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft releases new updates for its Windows 10. The latest build available for those who installed the Anniversary Update on their PCs is 14393.447 and it fixed many issues, but it also brought many performance improvements.

According to the change log, build 14393.447 comes with fixes for:

– an issue that prevented users from connecting to a virtual private network;
– an issue that caused a scheduled task to not work in Task Scheduler after re-enabling;
– an issue that prevented users to update the Access Point Name database;
– an issue that caused Japanese characters to disappear when converted by the Input Method Editor;
– an issue related to the system tray that didn’t show a Wi-Fi connection even if it was present;
– an issue that caused Windows devices to disconnect from the Internet before users could complete their paid Wi-Fi purchase;
– an issue that didn’t allow the new Belarusian ruble symbol to be updated to Br and the new ISO 4217 code to BYN;
– there were issues with multimedia; Windows kernel; authentication packaging release management; Remote Desktop; Active Directory; Microsoft Edge; Internet Explorer 11; graphics; wireless networking; Windows shell; enterprise security and even Microsoft HoloLens;

Microsoft has also improved the reliability of multimedia audio, Remote Desktop, and Internet Explorer 11 and added security updates to:

– Boot Manager;
– Windows operating system;
– kernel-mode drivers;
– Microsoft Edge;
– Internet Explorer 11;
– Microsoft Virtual Hard Drive;
– Common Log File System driver;
– Microsoft Video Control;
-Common Log File System driver;
– Windows authentication methods;
-Windows File Manager;
– the Microsoft Graphics Component.

In addition, Microsoft has released build 10586.679 for Windows 10 users who are on version 1511, which also fixed similar and other issues that caused systems to randomly stop applying UNC Hardening group policy; Windows Update downloads failed because of an issue with proxy authentication; Microsoft Store couldn’t be accessed in an authenticated proxy environment etc.

Lastly, build 10240.17190 was released for Windows 10 version 1507, and it fixed five major issues.