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There are 2 major updates being released by WhatsApp to the public. GIF support and Mentions are among them that should be available for Android and iOS apps. The new feature of Mentions is that it can help you tag someone in a post of a group chat. Its basic function is just as the ones used in any other social network that mentions people that may look like being tagged on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Another new feature that came with the updates is the GIF support. As of the moment, this feature is only available in beta version. Basically, it has no button that can add the GIF when chatting. For this reason, you only have to use the image button for now. Aside from just supporting animations from GIF images, it will also enable you to search Giphy’s or Tenor’s so that you can find out if the animations should suit your conversations.

With the new update, it will provide a powerful GIF editor that should enable you to add captions, drawings, and stickers towards your chosen animation. Likewise, you can trim the clips based from the length that you like to make it an animated GIF.

After updating your WhatsApp mobile app, you will be able to turn 6-second videos or shorter into a GIF format before you will send them. This is a very easy task in which will enable you to do the following things.

  • Be able to send and receive animated GIFs.
  • Makes video 6 seconds or less in length or even shorter.
  • Live photos can also be sent as animated GIFs. You only have to tap any existing live photos from the option Attach – Photo/Video Library and you can also go for the Select as GIF option.

WhatsApp update can be very important because it can ensure the removal of certain issues. You can check if your device has automatically been updated to its latest version. Simply follow the short instructions below.

  • Simply go to Options, Settings, and Updates
  • Try to click on Check for Updates
  • You can now follow the instructions to be able to install the update.

You can also update WhatsApp via downloading the latest version from the app’s original website.