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The Pokemon Z Ring managed to sell so well that in matter of just a few weeks it sold out completely. Considering the demand for the Z Ring, another batch of these items have just been made available on the famous US website Amazon. The Pokemon accessory comes for the price of $29.84 with free shipping included by Amazon.

The Z Ring gives its user the opportunity to realistically feel the special attacks their Pokemon are doing. Giving them a feel of what it would be like if Pokemon were to exist in the real world, and not just the virtual one. The Z Ring brings cool features such as vibration patterns, synchronized sounds and lighting effects to make the Pokemon battle seem more real than it is.

If the Pokemon player is using both the Z Ring and his 3DS game he will be able to perform a new attack move, the Z attack move. The Ring is going to have different Z crystals embedded on it and if the owner has a Pokemon that carries a Z crystal to match the ones on the Z Ring the Pokemon is going to be available to use the powerful Z-Move.

This is the list of the feature as presented by Amazon:

  • It vibrates, makes sounds and lights up to give the player a real feel of the battle.
  • It has two modes: the role play mode and the synchronized with video mode that gives a 4D experience.
  • The video game synchronization gives the player a feel of how powerful the Z-Move actually is.
  • Acquire different Z-Crystals that unlock new sounds, vibrations patterns and colors for the Z-Ring.
  • The set also comes equipped with two AAA batteries.

This item is truly going to make the game experience feel more immersive, and the player is going to get an idea of what it would be like if Pokemon were to be real.