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Sony has released the newest version of their PlayStation console, namely the PlayStation 4 Pro. The PlayStation 4 Pro is an upgrade of the original PlayStation 4, and as the tech market shifts towards 4K displays which seem to becoming more and more in demand, the thing that the PS4 Pro is most known for is providing support for said 4K monitors.

While fans that currently have a 4K display at home are excited about this new step in PlayStation constant evolution, not the same can be said about the ones that still rely on a 1080p display to play their video games. Whether you have the original PS4 and are looking for an upgrade, or are completely new to the console world and are looking to buy your first one, with the PS4 Pro in mind, it is understandable if the PS4 Pro’s 4K focus can seem a bit daunting.

However, discouraged gamers can rest assured that 1080p displays will not become obsolete with the launch of the PS4 Pro. In fact, Sony and a lot of game developers that work with Sony have already confirmed not only that the PS4 Pro will be compatible with 1080p, but also that gamers with displays lower than 4K would actually see some perks.

It seems that developers are able to use more advanced techniques or technologies, such as supersampling, and turn regular displays into 4K-like screens. The way it works is that images are rendered through supersampling, which is a more advanced version of anti-aliasing,  to a resolution that isn’t 4K, but isn’t far from it either. Then they proceed to shrink the “4K clone” down to the standard 1080p display resolution, giving massively improved visual results to which it seems that those exposed have so far reacted positively. There are also talks about enhancing the experience for non-4K users by adding different video modes for them to choose from, that would let them tinker with the settings and choose which aspect of the game’s visual settings the game would focus on, like resolution, FPS, and so on. Speaking of FPS, gamers will be able to experience new titles at a higher FPS count then 4K users, and developers have guaranteed a crisp image with smoothed outlines and edges.

It is also confirmed that the PS4 Pro will be able to detect if games are trying to use 4K, and will immediately downsample it to 1080p.