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The Nintendo Switch is a new Nintendo device that has been announced, generating a lot of buzz and excitement among the crowds of fans waiting for Nintendo’s newest platform. The unique design of the console allows players to use it as a home stationary console, but when the need presents itself, easily switch the device into a travel mode of sorts and continue playing. Basically, the concept behind the console is that you don’t have to stop playing for anything.

While boiling with anticipation, some fans got concerned about the future of Nintendo’s 3DS series, but Nintendo confirmed that the 3DS will continue being made, towards the delight of the device’s fanbase. With that out of the way, a new question arose, this time Pokemon fans being the ones sounding the alarm.

With a new platform on the way, people have legitimate inquires related to the future of Nintendo’s Pokemon series. It is worth wondering if the 3DS is still good enough, or would it be better to pass down the torch and let the Nintendo Switch take on the Pokemon games from here.

Asked about this was Junichi Masuda, which has been in the industry as a producer for the long run. Indecisive but firm, his response came nonetheless, and the Game Freak producer went on to say that with their releases, it’s all about timing.

What this means is that we could potentially see more Pokemon games on the 3DS, provided the Nintendo Switch doesn’t completely overthrow the market and dramatically shift it by the time the official successors to Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be in the appropriate development phase for latching onto a specific platform. Masuda also mentioned that the 3DS still has plenty room to grow as a device thanks to the software that it’s using, meaning that if they really wanted to.

Nintendo could easily make a new Pokemon game with issues such as an outdate platform out of the way. Take that, and the fact that the 3DS continues to surpass itself each quarter in terms of sales, 2.7 million units being the new high, the only condition that remains is whether or not Nintendo wants to make a new 3DS Pokemon title.

There are rumors regarding the Pokemon Switch, that claim a Pokemon game will come out for the device about 6 months after the launch of the Switch. That seems plausible at the moment, given the fact that aside from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there has been no game whatsoever announced for the new Nintendo Switch as of yet.

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