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According to reports, Lenovo, the Chinese PC giant, will stop releasing phones under its own brand name. Instead, the company will start using the MOTO brand name on all its smartphones.

We remind you that Lenovo has purchased Motorola Mobility back in 2014, but it seems that the plans didn’t go as planed. The company is also changing the leadership of its smartphone business in China. In other words, Xudong Chen will now be the co-president and SVP of the brand’s Mobile Business Group (MBG) in China and he will be replaced by Gina Qiao, who is the formerly SVP of human resources.

Qiao was previously the chief strategy officer for the company, so this is nothing new for her. In other words, thanks to her background and insight form, she has a good skill set to manage the mobile businesses.

Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo chairman and CEO, claims that by making this change, the company will improve the marketing within the mainland. He added that Lenovo’s overseas smartphone performance has been better than China’s.

According to reports, sales of Moto-branded and Lenovo-branded mobile devices for the second fiscal quarter 2016 were $2 billion, which is down to 12% year-over-year. Yang claims that their mobile business had a good quarter-to-quarter volume growth (about 20%), but he added that smartphones sales have showed only a slightly improvement.

It seems that computers are still the core of Lenovo’s business, which brings about 70% of total revenue per year.

It is good to know that Lenovo has also introduced three new executives, as follows:

  • Kirk Skaugen joins from Intel as executive vice president (EVP) and president of data center group (DCG)
  • Laura Quatela joins from Alcatel-Lucent as chief legal officer and SVP
  • Yong Rui joins from Microsoft as chief technology officer and SVP.

As you can see, Lenovo is trying to bring some fresh air in its company in order to boost the sales.