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WhatsApp developers have been very busy in enhancing the features of the world’s most popular messaging app. A beta version update has been rolled out and this includes the video calling feature. By signing up as a beta user, you will now be able to access some beta features of this instant messenger app.

Aside from being able to send feedback to the developers for bugs and other glitches, beta users can now make video calls via WhatsApp to other users who have also downloaded the same version of the application.

Another hidden feature for the Android beta version update allows beta users to send GIF files to the specified contact. This update comes with a separate tab for searching the GIF and sending it. The tab is located at the right side of the Emoji tab as well as the “Search” button for the image to be sent. By tapping the GIF, the image opens and on the screen, the user will be able to add a caption. Powered by Tenor, the GIF images that are sent will be watermarked on previews in the conversation. What’s also great is that there is no need to leave the app when searching for the GIF.

The WhatsApp update also did not leave iOS phones behind as it now allows for the conversion of iOS Live Photos into GIFs. The procedure is easy. Start by choosing the “+” icon in the chat and select “Photo and Video Library”. User will then be sent to the “Camera Roll” screen in which the Live Photo Gallery needs to be scrolled down and`chosen. For the option “Send as GIF” to appear, the user needs to swipe upward. By selecting this option, the image will be automatically converted into a GIF image and be sent. The gesture of swiping upward is necessary because if this is not done, the image will not be sent as a GIF image but as a photo.

For Android users, it is important for the smartphone to be rooted. Conversely, for the iPhone, iOS should be jailbroken to have access to these hidden features. It is also important to install a root management app for the rooted Android phone.

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