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GTA fans, rejoice! There are some very interesting news waiting for you! According to Rockstar, fans will keep receiving more DLC for the GTA 5 Online, which is good news, especially since it seems that the studio is not rushing to release anything related to the Red Dead Online.

An interesting update is the fact that the Shotaro bike, a Tron version of the vehicles, is now available in the game. Moreover, they will also release a completely new adversary mode, which will include a single way in which you can unlock the new vehicle. Recently, they had also released the Lost vs. Damned, and the only game mode which remained to be launched is, presumably, Kill Quota.

In order to unlock the special Shotaro, you will need to play Deadline. This vehicle is supposed to cost more than $2.5m if you want to buy it in the game. You will see that the Tron-inspired outfits that accompany the new biker are also expensive, going up to 200k only one pop. You should also expect some other new content to be released, such as Youga Classic or Esskey.

People also suggested some other additions for the Rockstar products. For example, one of the suggestions was a $1 million ticket that would allow you to access North Yanton all the time. If you would have this, you would be able to fly over the ocean and reach it, but if you don’t, there will be a barrier there.

However, the trick with the new releases for the Rockstar games is the fact that the developers wait to see if the player count decreases. When it does, they suddenly release new content, or, on the contrary, gradually plan it until they get the numbers up again. This can be their strategy for the Red Dead Redemption 2 too.