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Nintendo has announced its newest console, which will be the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that allows players to play comfortably at home on their flat screens, but also switch it up and turn the device into a mobile console which allows for games to be continued anywhere instantly.

Even though this new innovation from Nintendo has caused everyone to chatter, reports are saying that Nintendo’s “ol’ faithful”, the 3DS, is still going strong, with unit sales going up from the last quarter, with a total number of 2.7 million units being sold.

If you were planning on buying a 3DS device but were on sure on how relevant the console would be after the release of Nintendo Switch, you can rest assured that the 3DS will still be worth the buy. Now even more so than ever, as we are approaching the date all tech savvy consumers are waiting for all year long: Black Friday. Nintendo is encouraging people to buy a 3DS by offering a great deal. During the Black Friday discount season, you can purchase a Nintendo 3DS for only $99. Considering the amount of fun you can have and the wide game library you have at your disposal, $99 for a 3DS is ludicrous, but in a good way.

However, there are a few modern marketing strategies that this $99 deal seems to not indulge itself in. In recent times, we have gotten used to receiving our consoles bundled with a game, or even two games, maybe sometimes even something else. The Nintendo 3DS however, only covers the basics in the $99 package, which is just the 3DS. If you hop on this discount, you will also have to pull out some more cash if you want at least a game to play on your new device.