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The year 2016 is a good a year for first person shooter enthusiasts. Major shooter games have been launched this year and they all are contending for the title of the best first person shooter. Everyone is expecting that Battlefield 1 or Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare are going to be fighting over the number one spot, but there is one game that looks like it can beat them both and that game is Doom.

The game Doom has a place in all shooter fans hearts. Doom was the first time players got a chance to put their hands on an FPS because the game was released back in 1998. When id Software announced that they working on creating a new modern version of the game that got everyone hyped up. There were major concerns that game might resemble the style Call of Duty and Battlefield uses for their FPS but when id Software released a gameplay trailer at E3 2015 they assured us they are going the old Doom style and not copying any other franchise.

The developers of the game managed to find the perfect balance when implementing modern shooter features in the game and also at the same time keeping the aspects that made Doom a classic shooter. The main points against Doom is that Battlefield 1 has better graphics and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has a better multiplayer. That may be true, but were Doom excels is in the single player campaign, where the player gets full and complete control over the level. This is refreshing considering that popular FPS games have their campaigns go in a linear path and do not give the player too many options, being able to only control what type of gun he uses.

The best thing about Doom is the satisfaction it gives to its player when shooting things in the game. That rewarding feeling cannot be found in any other games. Another feature that makes Doom stand out is the theme that is uses. The war theme has been used so many times over and over, but Doom has gone the other route giving the players a demonic theme and the possibility to fight literal hordes of demons.