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WhatsApp has an unbelievable huge amount of users, one billion of active users to be more exact. Being such a popular app, there are surely going to be scammers on it, trying to get the bank account information of its users.

Scammers are known for being innovative. Scams vary from basic text messages to more advanced scams that include specially developed software. Most of these scams can be convincing to those that do not have an eye for it. To help users avoid this kind of scams, there is one golden rule they need to follow. If it seems too good to be true, it isn’t.

WhatsApp Premium

This scam tries to get WhatsApp users to pay for a premium version of the app, promising them new and interesting features but it is nothing but malicious software that will infect the user’s device. This premium version will also be offered free, making it more appealing but in the end it will use the information it gathers to blackmail the user.

WhatsApp Emails

The most popular way of tricking WhatsApp users into giving their information is by using emails. The scammers will send out emails that present themselves as being official WhatsApp email, that have some missed calls or voice mails.

WhatsApp users should know that WhatsApp are never going to send emails containing missed video calls or information, these will be contained in the app.

WhatsApp Shutting Down

This is the most reported scam there is. This scam consists of a message coming from WhatsApp CEO that lets you know the app is shutting down, and you will have to pay an amount of money to be able to use it.


These messages are designed to look like they were sent from an official company or a friend of yours. Do not click on the links embedded in the message, since they will redirect you to a site that will store whatever information you will enter.