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Facebook’s WhatsApp and Instagram are going head to head with Snapchat. The app is on the rise at the moment, having 150 million daily active users. The most interesting features that Snapchat brings to its users is the live camera filters and Stories mode. These two features are what make Snapchat a threat towards Facebook, and this is why Facebook is copying every move that Snapchat makes.

Following the success Snapchat has had with their Stories feature, every social media app has tried to copy their feature. The first ones were Instagram, and WhatsApp seem to be the next ones to add that type of feature to their app. The new feature can be found in the “Status” tab, where the user can add a story that will disappear in 24 hours, similar to Snapchat’s Stories. The new Status feature can only be used by a selected few at the moment. The ones that can use the beta version of WhatsApp “Status”, are the owners of jailbroken Apple devices or rooted Android smartphones.

The fact that Facebook likes to buy their competition is well known already, and when Snapchat refused to sell, Facebook has set out to destroy them. Facebook started adding similar Snapchat feature to Instagram, and now it seems that WhatsApp are the next in line. There are even rumors that point out the fact that Facebook has been testing out with live face filters, the same live face filters that made Snapchat famous. Instagram is going head to head with Snapchat in every aspect of social media, copying their moves and at the moment Instagram is winning the war, since they have 300 million daily users, while Snapchat has only the half of that. Even though, Snapchat still presents a threat to the Facebook franchise. The new Status feature is going to be added to Whatsapp in the next upcoming days.