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A lot of Minecraft players have reported bugs with the game, especially its Pocket Edition (which is the mobile device version of Minecraft), after getting the recently released Boss Update. The Boss Update brought a lot of significant changes the popular building game, but some other areas were disrupted.

The Minecraft developer, Mojang, has taken the complaints seriously and got to work on a brand new update which would fix all the problems that occurred after the Boss Update.  On top of the performance boost, the 0.16.1 update will fix the spacing issue, which will expand the available room players will have for localized text.

There was an iOS specific bug that would cause the game to crash when players would simply attempt to resume. This comes as a relief to Apple customers which have been struggling ever since the Boss Update. Now however, they get compensated through another tweak, namely the ability to save the resource pack of a UTF path world which you delete ( 8 characters).

Once the update goes through on a user’s device, they can notice all these changes and more, including others such as a new interaction between snow golems and creepers which now explode when they get attacked by the first.

There some other crashes tended to in the new update, like the one that occurred after an item frame is placed, or when attempting to use slash commands to generate splash potions.

The list of fixed crash fixes continues, with the fire arrow spam and world creating influenced crashes being attended to, to the delight of the Minecraft community, which was waiting for this update to sweep in and solve their problems. There was a pretty consistent list of bugs fixed with the 0.16.1 update, and now players can enjoy the Boss Update without the downside of crashes.