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Apple’s newest devices, the MacBook Pro 2016 and the iPad Pro 2 are facing serious competition by the newcomer, most recent endeavor from Microsoft. The device in question is the Surface Pro 5, which is slated to make an early appearance in 2017, and bring a lot of great features along. While fans of the Surface line of hybrid devices from Microsoft are stoked about the Surface Pro 5, they must wait a little long as the device will arrive in January next year, and it is rumored that it will directly face the newest tablet and laptop from Apple.

If the new Surface Pro is going to successfully face two of the top devices from its competitor, it must prep some really impressive hardware, so let’s see what this new device is going to have under the hood.

It is speculated that Intel will have a hand in this by supplying the brand new Kaby Lake processor for the laptop hybrid, to ensure maximum processing power. The device will also feature 16 GB of RAM which will ensure the stable functionality of Microsoft’s product. Rumors suggest two versions in the making, one with 2K support and one with 4K support, for people that are into that kind of thing.

Another feature fans are excited about is the new Surface Pen which will re-charge by being connected to the Surface Pro 5. This will offer more accessibility, and less downtime, complemented by the Microsoft 10 Redstone 2 OS which will be available on both variants of the Surface Pro 5.

The device is being cataloged as one of the most powerful machines created by Microsoft, meaning that every other manufacturer will have to step up their game if they want to be on par with the hybrid.